The Minnesota State Fire Service Memorial Pipe Band is unique in that we perform parades on a trailer. The trailer is custom built to safely carry a band of up to eight pipers, two snare drummers and a base drummer. In the past two summers we have also carried up to two princesses honoring the fire service. For those concerned for our safety, we do have seat belts attaching us to padded back rests and a stout steel stanchion.

The trailer is hauled by a unique Van configured to closely resemble a fire service vehicle including a siren, a bell and flashing warning lights. The van was rebuilt and customized with the help of many companies and individuals. The local fire departments have been most helpful, in most cases providing a driver for the Van.

Because of the use of the trailer, the band is able to provide a full performance during the event including marches, polkas, slow marches, strathspeys and reels. It also enables us to provide an almost continuous performance since we don't need as much rest time .

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